Our Lady of Shadows

Saturday 28 October

11:30-12:00  Castle Theatre – Our Lady of Shadows (free of charge)

A work-in-progress showing of Lucy Gough’s radio play, Our Lady of Shadows, a radical adaptation of Tennyson’s famous poem, ‘The Lady of Shalott’. Cathrine is a medieval nun trapped in a tower for life. Her only access to the outer world is the flickering image of a camera obscura. As she battles with her inner demons, memories past and megalomaniac dreams, she desperately attempts to paint a more habitable world, a virtual haven, a palace of imagination.

The work combines dramatic text, physical performance, digital scenography, painting,  animation and music in an intermedial exploration of the tenuous pact between reality and imagination.

Performed by Karoline Gritzner and Ffion Jones
Digital scenography design and animations by Piotr Woycicki
Written and directed by Lucy Gough